Meet Erica

My name is Erica Kalinoski and I am a Portrait and Fine Art Film Photographer in Madison, Wisconsin where I live with my husband, our three children and our two dogs. I love meeting new people (and dogs) and creating great portraits with my clients through my business Out Loud Photography. To learn about me, keep reading and check out the personal section of my blog.

How I Became a Portrait Photographer

I purchased my first professional camera approximately 10 years ago and began capturing portraits of those around me. Through the years, I have gained experience in engagement and wedding photography, family portraits, high school senior portraits, maternity and newborn portraits, boudoir photography and business professional portraits.  My absolute favorite work is creating Fine Art Film Photographs and Portraits...

My Style

I love getting to know my subjects, interacting with them, capturing the connections between them and showcasing the surroundings and scenery. People find it easy to talk and open up to me, and that has overflowed into my photography – it’s an honor to have someone open up in front of my camera.

I don’t believe that great portraits just happen – its starts with a connection between a photographer and their client, a shared vision and combination of ideas, together planning a personalized session. When you look at a portrait, it should leave you with a feeling. For a variety of recent Out Loud Photography Portrait Creations, visit my blog.

Random Facts About Me

My favorite movie of all time is The Godfather. I’m a coffee snob and I’m not even a little bit sorry about it. I firmly believe that everyone should laugh every day. I hate socks. The only area in my life where I am a perfectionist is my photography process and editing, otherwise I’m laid back, easy going and flexible. I really really really love food. I never tire of listening to bands and live music. My wardrobe is 80% second hand/thrifted and 0% scratchy. Crazy Dog Lady for life!

Let’s Get Together

Contact Me so we can meet up over coffee to talk about creating portraits. I can’t wait to meet you!